Air Space Parcels 101

As an owner in an air space development, understanding the details of the arrangement is extremely important. Being aware of what parts of the development are your responsibility to maintain and insure is a critical part of the ownership and management of a strata. A thorough understanding of potential exposures, usage rights and obligations for […]

The Big One – Earthquake Preparedness and Risk Management

The lower mainland is part of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, running the length of the Pacific Northwest where the North American Plate and Juan de Fuca Plate meet.  Subduction zones can produce very powerful quakes, as demonstrated recently in Chile and Japan. All strata lot owners and tenants must be prepared for the very real […]

The Importance of a Condominium Unit Owners Policy

The strata’s insurance policy is very comprehensive, providing full ‘All Risks’ coverage for the structure as originally constructed. However, in the event of a loss, even if you are not at fault whatsoever, it is imperative all unit owners have a condominium unit owners policy in force to compliment the strata’s insurance. Key coverages provided […]

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