Importance of New Home Warranties

New Home Warranties: Why is it important for Strata Corporations to complete their Common Property Warranty Reviews? Strata Councils of newer buildings/complexes have many important tasks and responsibilities; however, there is no task or responsibility more important than ensuring that warranty reviews are completed and warranty claims are submitted, prior to the expiry of each […]

How to Time an Exterior Repair Project

In BC’s coastal climate, exterior repair projects are integral to keeping a building watertight, structurally sound, and comfortable for it’s occupants. For multi-unit buildings, most exterior repair projects (such as wall, window, roof, balcony, or parking garage repairs) require a fair amount of planning to make sure the projects run smoothly and on budget. Timing […]

Elevator Modernization: The Importance of Planning Early, Coordinating with Fire Safety Systems, and Emergency Power

Elevators may require modernization for a variety of reasons, including: Newer, improved technology or equipment is available (to improve performance/energy efficiency and/or to maintain the marketability of the property); New Code requirements mandated (to improve safety); and/or Parts are becoming difficult to source (to ensure the elevator can continue to be maintained in serviceable condition). […]

Window Replacement: Understanding Your Options

There are many reasons why Owners may decide that it’s time to replace their windows. These can include any combination of: water leakage air leakage / cold drafts excessive condensation and mould/mildew growth on interior surfaces poor occupant comfort excessive noise from outside high energy bills look old BUT – don’t rush into a window […]

So You Have a Depreciation Report – What Now? | by Sense Engineering

Question: “We have a Depreciation Report, what do we do now?” Short Answer: Follow it. And if you don’t know how or don’t want to, then you didn’t get good advice/guidance from the Consultant who prepared the Depreciation Report. If this is the case, then some or all of the following did not happen… but, […]

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