My people aren’t so bad after all

Property Management In Vancouver, BCI once handled a water damage claim for a lovely couple in North Vancouver. After our first meeting, she sheepishly said to me, “you people aren’t so bad after all.” Now I thought she means redheads, but she really meant insurance adjusters.

You have now had water damage and have to deal with strata, your property manager, restoration companies, your insurance company and the strata adjusters. What a nightmare. But it really doesn’t have to be. Our role as the strata insurance adjuster is to work with restoration contractors to quickly efficiently provide a dry and safe environment for you and your family to continue living with as little interruption to your home. We will work to coordinate repairs with the restoration companies approved by the property managers. The role of the strata adjuster, aside from answering any questions, is to help coordinate repairs or replacement of any structure damaged that is part of the original strata lot. Any original, fittings, fixtures and flooring that were in the unit when it was first built is what is covered by strata insurance. Anything else is handled with your personal insurers. We are available after hours via email, text or by phone.

Us people will work behind the scenes with your personal adjusters, property managers and insurers to agree on coverage, pricing and payments. If we do our job correctly, as we strive to do, your claims experience will be but a minor inconvenience and more importantly, “not so bad”.

Leah Wood, FCIP, CRM, Senior Claims Adjuster
Cunningham Lindsay


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