Role of a Strata Manager

Role of a Strata CouncilWhat is the role of a strata manager and council in the governing and day to day operations of a Strata Corporation is a question often asked by owners.

The Strata Corporation (the owners) elect a Strata Council to administer the day-to-day affairs of the Strata Corporation. This Strata Council is elected at every Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is often the last vote of the evening; the vote that many owners miss as they leave. In reality, this is perhaps the most important vote of the evening as these three to seven owners represent you as an owner and form your Strata Council.

The general role of a strata council is:

  • Act as the managing body for the Strata Corporation;
  • Make daily decisions that enable the Strata Corporation to operate smoothly; and
  • Operate within any restrictions created by the Strata Property Act, Regulations, bylaws, or a majority vote of the owners.

The Strata Council expends money under the owner approved a budget and very narrow expenditure provisions under the Strata Property Act.

A Strata Council can engage a Strata Manager to perform some functions of the Strata Council; however, the Strata Council is still ultimately responsible for ensuring that its obligations under the Strata Property Act are fulfilled.

Section 4 of the Strata Property Act sets out the responsibility of a Strata Council. Everything flows through the Strata Council at some point; the decision on whether further action is required is a vote of the Strata Council. The Strata Council with all its responsibility then turns to Strata Managers to help them discharge their duty to the Strata Corporation.

Strata Corporation functions through council

4 The powers and duties of the strata corporation must be exercised and performed by a council, unless this Act, the regulations or the bylaws provide otherwise.

People often believe that a Strata Manager makes the decision concerning the property on behalf of the owners; however, they fulfil direction provided by the council. A Strata Manager is an agent.

The agency model more closely resembles what and how Strata Managers function. Strata Managers take direction from the Strata Council and do as requested as long as the requests do not contravene the Strata Property Act or the Strata Corporation’s bylaws. The ultimate responsibility for the oversight of the Strata Manager is the Strata Council. A Strata Council relies on Strata Manager’s input and advice.

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