Why do we need a Strata Agent?
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What are strata fees for?
Strata fees are each strata lot’s contribution towards maintaining the common property in addition to contributing towards the Contingency Reserve Fund.

How to report an Emergency?
Emergencies that occur during business hours (Monday to Friday, from 8:30AM to 4:30PM) should be reported to Ascent Real Estate & Property Management Metro Vancouver at (604) 431-1800.

Emergencies that occur after hours are to be reported to 604-293-2459 and our 24-hour on-call service will attend to the issue.

How to contact Council?
Strata councils are typically contacted via the assigned strata agent unless otherwise agreed to by the strata council in advance.

How to pay Strata Fees?
Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation affords owners different options in which owners can pay their strata fees.

Owners may enrol in our Pre-authorized payment program (PAP) whereby owner’s strata fees are deducted automatically on the first of each month

Owners may submit a series of post-dated cheques which we keep on file.

Why do I need to attend the Annual General Meeting?
It is important that owners either attend AGM’s or complete the proxy form included in the AGM package so as to ensure that each owner has an opportunity to voice their opinion on the proposed budget in addition to any other information that may be pertinent to the governance of the strata corporation. The AGM is also the forum in which owners can be nominated to serve on the strata council for the upcoming fiscal year.

Are minutes bi-lingual? (in any language other than English)
Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation has received legal opinions that official strata corporation documents such as strata council meeting minutes should only be published in English, as translations may harbour slight nuances that can alter a meaning significantly. It is recommended that owners arrange for their own translation if they cannot read English.

Can Owners receive assistance in other languages?
Yes – we have strata agents, accounting and admin staff who can speak a total of 10 languages fluently, in addition to English.

Do you conduct Site Inspections?
Yes, we perform site inspections in accordance with our service agreements; the specifics are discussed and agreed upon in advance with the strata council.

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