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Averaging more than a decade of industry experience and possessing the highly-specialized knowledge, Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation’s licensed Strata Agents to deliver unparalleled expertise in strata management.

Our commitment

If your Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation Strata Agent is not quite the right fit, please feel free to call. We’re 100% committed to ensuring a good match between our agents and your council – because we’re committed to maintaining both relationships over the long-term.


Our Strata Agents…
Mike Burton

Strata Agent
Direct: (604) 293-2417

Mike worked for 20 years as an estimator at a major construction company in South Africa before emigrating to Canada in 1996. Shortly after, he earned his Real Estate license and spent five years selling properties on Vancouver’s North Shore before joining Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation as a Strata Agent in 2006.

Currently, Mike holds licenses in Real Estate Sales and Strata Management. His interests include golfing and fly- fishing.


Stephen Lam

Strata Agent & Real Estate Sales
Direct: (604) 293-2450

Stephen earned his Property Management license in 1999 and joined Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation the same year. Stephen earned his Strata Management license in 2005. He brings an extensive background in strata management to his position, with hands-on experience in both residential and mixed-use strata projects.

Stephen earned a license for trading service in 2007 and is a member of the Real Estate Board of Great Vancouver and the Canadian Realtor Association. An immigrant from Hong Kong, Stephen speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.


dahl-kenKen Dahl

Strata Agent
Direct: (604) 293-2431

Ken’s experience in the property management industry spans 23 years.

Ken is committed to providing excellent customer service and currently holds licenses in real estate sales, strata and rental management.

Ken is well conversed in building maintenance and construction and is proactive in establishing fiscal options that meet the needs of all owners. He believes in effective communication and education of owners and council and performing regular site visits to determine problems and address concerns from owners. He feels it is essential to create building maintenance plans to ensure that regular maintenance occurs in a cost-effective and timely manner; and that strata corporation governance must occur with the proper application of the Strata Property Act, Real Estate Services Act and the Personal Information Privacy Act;

Ken’s interests include tennis, golf and fitness.


robert-marshalRobert Marshal

Strata Agent
Direct: (604)293-2415

Robert joined Ascent in November 2013. He has a license in Strata Management and Vancouver Rental Property Management and gained a great experience working in multicultural environments. He is customer service oriented and he always is acting in the very best interest of his clients. He is always trying to ensure that Strata Councils and owners are acting fair and reasonable; he believes that the most successful strata are the ones that are community style oriented.

His interest includes swimming, snowboarding and parasailing


EllieEllie Beaulieu

Strata Agent
Direct: (604) 293-2442

Ellie joined Ascent July 2015, and while licensed in both Strata and Rental Property Management, she will be focusing on Strata Management.

She believes that proper governance of a strata corporation involves effective communication with owners and council’s to ensure that maintenance and decisions comply with the requirements of the Strata Property Act and within the strata corporation bylaws. Her priority is to provide unsurpassed customer service, communication, active listening, and transparency are leading qualities that she strives for. The Strata Corporation interests are always top of mind with focus, clarity, and drive to assist Strata council to achieve both budget and maintenance objectives.

Ellie takes pride on continued education to meet the high demand of an ever-changing profession.

In her spare time, she enjoys family, camping, fishing, volunteering, antiques,60-70’s collector cars and is an avid animal lover.


ericEric Javier

Strata Agent
Direct: (604) 293-2419

Eric joined Ascent in May 2015 and is licensed in Strata Management and has worked in the restaurant, car rental, and software industry.

He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University and has many years of work experience in service and client management.

He takes pride in achieving complete client satisfaction, effective communication with owners, and providing professional advice to Strata Councils.

Eric is committed to continued education and attending industry seminars to meet the constant changes in this profession.

His interest outside of work includes active fitness, eating at different restaurants, and playing soccer.


btrkuljaBiljana (Billie) Trkulja

Strata Agent
Direct: (604) 293-2403

Biljana joined Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation as a Strata Manager in August of 2015. Licensed in Strata Management, Biljana comes with strong customer service expertise coupled with an accounting background. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Biljana also holds diplomas in both Accounting and Human Resources – giving her a broad knowledge base which helps her understand and meet her clients’ needs better. Biljana’s focus is on building productive relationships with clients and managing Strata Corporation’s assets to ensure proper maintenance of properties while adhering to the Strata Property Act.


sarah Sarah Lutz

Strata Agent
Direct: (604) 293-2452

Sarah joined Ascent in 2012 and brings over ten years of related industry experience; including six years as a Strata Agent. Sarah has a strong working knowledge of building maintenance requirements and takes a proactive approach to managing her properties to ensure the property asset value is maintained for the benefit of all owners. Sarah prides herself on her organizational and communication skills and performs ongoing education to ensure compliance with applicable government statute. Sarah has managed numerous types of strata corporations, including low-rises, high-rises, types and sections. Warranty requirements and the specific needs of newly established strata corporations are another one of Sarah’s strengths.

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