Summer reminders for strata corporation owners and residents

balconies in strata corporation managementWith summer approaching it is imperative that all owners and residents in a strata corporation are cognisant of the following:

  • Prior to using a BBQ, please review your strata corporation’s bylaws to determine if they are permitted. If you are allowed a BBQ, please ensure that it is pulled away from the building so that the building is not damaged by the heat. Also ensure that your BBQ and any food drippings do not damage the patio membrane. If the patio membrane is pierced, water can enter and rot may occur to the supporting wood structure, which is a costly common property repair. BBQ mats can be purchased at stores such as Home Depot. Please also be mindful that smoke from BBQ’s travels and enters in through neighbouring units.
  • Please remember that noise from music and voices, travel when windows are open during the warm weather. Please review your strata corporation bylaws to determine noise times.
  • When washing your balcony, please be careful and to not allow water to escape onto neighbouring balconies, patios or walkways. Please also ensure the same when watering your plants.

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